Numero Uno

What’s up all it’s regular contributor MB here, and now that DJ DU set me up with my own ID, you all will be seeing alot more of me around these parts.

To start off, Dancing Astronaut just posted an excellent remix of Avicii’s “Street Dancer”. Check it:
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Avicii – Street Dancer (Tristan Garner Remix) (Preview) by Tristan Garner

Up next is a great collab between Tiesto and Mark Knight. The intro is a bit long but when the synth and vocals start to kick in, it really takes off:
meida missing

Tiesto vs. Mark Knight ft Dino – Beautiful World (Club Mix) by Dj-Claudio-Olliveira

Finally, my friend AH showed me this dope remix of Illmerica by Wolfgang Gartner. If you don’t have the original I can’t recommend it enough. Make sure you listen to this remix on a system with good bass because otherwise the sax will drown out the bass.

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