The SPW Monster Approaches

The SPW Monster is approaching fast and before it takes over and completely controls us you need to put yourself in the right mood.  Thinking about the monster another acronym that could be used for this monster is one that takes your Soul makes it Party and go Wild, which is more or less what happens over a 3-4 day marathon of partying.

To start it off Axwell’s Heart Is King is a great new track, first blogged by “only the best in techno,” make sure to check it out

Next is a mash-up by DJ-Kool, and you better clear your throat for belting out at concerts

media missing

DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat (Stereothieves Make That Money Booty) by Stereothieves

Next we must party Till The World Ends in this remix, found this version on White Folks Get Crunk

media missing

Britney Spears – Till The World Ends (DJ Kue Remix Radio Edit) by Kue – Mike Morales

Prepare as the SPW monster gets near, and stock up on The Red Bull, you know you are going to be 6 over 4

Make sure to use if you are tweeting about it this week


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