End of Summer Nears

First up in this post is a mash-up of Koko and Kesha by DJ DIVERSE. This has a great club feel to it and keeps the flavor from the original song, and has great transitions.

Next up is another In The Dark remix, this one by Barletta, has a super chill feel to it, and has more of a dance feel than club, very different from the last remix of this song. Hope you enjoy!

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Dev – In The Dark (Barletta Remix) by Barletta

I first posted some of Contiez’s songs a while back, but here he is again with his Melbourne Tech in the remix of Changed The Way You Kissed Me, he killed it with this one!

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Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me (Contiez Remix) by Contiez

Final song for the post is by Sexy Ray Vision with a remix of Last Friday Night. Maybe this Friday you may remember dancing to this great remix, lol. He did a great job with the beats and transitions, hope you enjoy!

media missing
Last Friday Night (Sex Ray Vision Remix) by sexrayvision


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