Back from the dead, pt. 1

Starting off right with a new remix by Benny Benassi of a song by Florence + the Machine. Great vocals, awesome beat, pretty standard Benny Benassi. Do I even have to tell you guys to grab a copy for your next party?

My only experience with Gigamesh is his remix of Mike Posner’s Cooler than Me (for the record, my favorite version of that song), so I’m pretty glad I found something else by him. This song isn’t a banger, its not a dance floor anthem, it may not even be a regular part of your nightly sets. But it’s a nice change of pace with a dance-able beat, so drop it once in a while and switch things up.

In sharp contrast to “Lights On”, the new Tiesto track, “Maximal Crazy”, is DEFINITELY a banger. Tiesto absolutely does not disappoint on this track, drop this guy as the night wears on and crank your party from 11 to 12.

pt. 2 coming when its not 2 AM and I’m not falling asleep at my computer. It’s good to be back!


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