Fresh new look update

I have now finally transferred the blog from blogger to wordpress, meaning I having gone through and updated all of the soundcloud players and youtube players because of wordpress’s formatting.  It was tedious but now it is done.  My twitter might look like a mess but that is because every time I made an update it posted it to my twitter.  I got a message from my friend as I was finishing up and it said, dude you are going more ham then ever on twitter, lol, no worries it is just from the updates.

I have some new music that I want to post tonight but going to punt that until the morning.  Having looked back at every post I have ever done for the blog it seems to be most effective to post in smaller posts than a couple of huge ones, like the “One for the Ages” series [post 1, post 2, post 3].  I feel that things can get lost and it is not clear what is in the post.  The reason I am pointing this out is because this is how I felt about posting the music tonight, but it does not do it justice.  So instead of just mashing up all the songs and being lazy about separating them I am simply going to wait.

Finally I am going to try to revive the TGFTW ( Thank God For The Weekend) series [post1, post 2, post 3].  I think this is a fun way to post music for the weekends and will try this out to see how it works out, look forward to TGFTW 5 this coming weekend.

That is all for now, those are the updates, and as always I hope you enjoy.  Look out for the new posts that are coming out tomorrow.


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