Escape ft. Bright lights (DSKOTEK Remix)

Yet another Escape remix, great work by DSKOTEK



Guilty Pleasure (3LAU Re-Edit)

This is a part of 3Lau’s March Mashup Mondays series.  This is a amazing work and I hope you enjoy!  When you go to download link via soudcloud make sure to go to the March Mashups this one was in their plus all of his other work from the series.  If you like what you see and hear on the site follow us in any fashion thanks for stopping by.

Here is the direct download place if you have trouble on the main site

Back From The Break

I am back, DJayB , sorry for the few posts that we had in July but hopefully going to catch back up and provide some great new tracks

Have 4 great ones in store for this post, couple of mash-ups and a couple of remixes. First up “we can play some rock n’ roll” in Skrillex vs Afrojack in The Way We Rock The World, a Barletta mash-up. Opens with great bass and vocals, and drops well after a well mixed intro. Make sure to grab a copy over at soundcloud on Barletta’s page.

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Skrillex VS Afrojack – The Way We Rock the world (Barletta Mash) by Barletta

Next up we have a Sweedish House Mafia remix that is amazing. It is a little on the shorter side, but can be used well in live sets and mixes the beat after the opening vocals makes this remix sweet! Can’t wait to start using this in sets!

This song has been everywhere and here is yet another remix of Levels by Avicii, a Clockwork Remix, which was done with perfection. Make sure to get a copy of it at the soundcloud page, hope you enjoy this, because “sometimes I get a good feeling!!”

Final song for the post is a mash-up production by 3LAU called Yacht Week In America, which combines many current songs in a unique way. I am a huge fan of it, but what do you think?