Music for the weekend, simple as that, hope you enjoy!

First up is a solid mashup with some serious swings in mood

Next up is remix teaser of yet the same Krewella track, this thing is all over the place

Next up is some new Anndyk

As well as some new PRFFTT and Svyable

and to finish it off Collin McLoughlin




I know it has been awhile but here is some stuff I found recently.  Getting back in the game and back on the blog.  Check back for more coming soon.



In this weeks TFGTW we have a wide variety of genres represented ranging from chill to something that is dubstep and progressive house.

First up is something cool and chill by RAC.

Next up is some new original work by Cedric Gervais and Howard Jones in some vocal progressive house.

And here comes the hard stuff.  First up is Chimertic in Singularity Feel.

And to finish off the post here is something razor sharp that is epic!@!!

Enjoy the weekend and some nice weather!  Cheers!

Comment if you like what you see and hear, thanks for checking in!

Fresh new look update

I have now finally transferred the blog from blogger to wordpress, meaning I having gone through and updated all of the soundcloud players and youtube players because of wordpress’s formatting.  It was tedious but now it is done.  My twitter might look like a mess but that is because every time I made an update it posted it to my twitter.  I got a message from my friend as I was finishing up and it said, dude you are going more ham then ever on twitter, lol, no worries it is just from the updates.

I have some new music that I want to post tonight but going to punt that until the morning.  Having looked back at every post I have ever done for the blog it seems to be most effective to post in smaller posts than a couple of huge ones, like the “One for the Ages” series [post 1, post 2, post 3].  I feel that things can get lost and it is not clear what is in the post.  The reason I am pointing this out is because this is how I felt about posting the music tonight, but it does not do it justice.  So instead of just mashing up all the songs and being lazy about separating them I am simply going to wait.

Finally I am going to try to revive the TGFTW ( Thank God For The Weekend) series [post1, post 2, post 3].  I think this is a fun way to post music for the weekends and will try this out to see how it works out, look forward to TGFTW 5 this coming weekend.

That is all for now, those are the updates, and as always I hope you enjoy.  Look out for the new posts that are coming out tomorrow.

Fresh new look

Started the process of moving the blog over to wordpress, as I have been using the iframe html version of soundcloud I a having to go back and get the wordpress api and pasting the songs into each of all of my previous posts.  So I have done through February tonight and will continue to work on the other posts bit by bit as that is a little tedious.  But this is the new home of the blog and new look, going to be working on some new projects and going to be attempting to cover some concerts and such with a friend of mine, but more on that later.

But what would an update post be without some new music, so fresh out of the cloud and into the new post feed here is one edit and a bootleg that I found tonight.

Another thing that I notices is that the import used all of my previous tags as categories so, we will start again, everything is fresh!

Another Quickie

Been busy and wanted to post more but this is what I could do for a quickie

First up is get Drunk Tonight by Ralvero, this is a great track and pretty much explains itself, make sure to grab a copy over at beatport

Next(and final) up is a preview to a remix that is coming out soon by Lazy Rich, this is Under The Sun, it is truly awesome!

If you haven’t checked out DJayB’s summer mix, go to the soundcloud page to listen and download


Chill Off In The Sun

These are some great tacks to just layout by the pool, beach, etc. and just relax and enjoy. The first track is progressive house by Pierce Fulton, awesome track, brings you to a great equilibrium!

media missing

Pierce Fulton – Procella (Original Mix) by GDD-Tre

Next up DJ Kue brings us a great remix of Pumped Up Kicks and follows the chill feeling you will have from above.


Save the World with A Vocal Edit

Here are 3 songs that don’t probably go together but they all deserve a post. It is the summer make sure to play these at high volume and rage!

First up from FratJams a great vocal edit of Levels by Avicii, make sure to check out their entire page they have a lot of good remixes and edits to great songs.

media missing

Levels (The Boy From Ipanema Vocal Mix) by FratJams

Next up we have some dubset, this is pretty hard stuff, but absolutely love it, Excision & Downlink put out Blue Steel

Finally for this post a west cost mix of Save The World Tonight, Sexy Ray Vision from Stanford killed it on this one, make sure to download a copy.

media missing

Save The World Tonight (Sex Ray Vision Remix) by sexrayvision

Enjoy and don’t forget to follow!!