Escape (Collin McLoughlin Remix)

New Collin McLoughlin remix, hope you enjoy!


Awakening Monsters Go To Work

It has been a busy first day of the month!  Following yesterday’s post of previews, one has already released the full version.  I do not find this a preview as it was not out that long.  But regardless here is the full version of Hijcak Da Bass Remix of Getting Wet.

Next up is yet another preview and it falls into this weeks category for previews because it drops May 6th.  It is some harder progressive house, enjoy!

And to finish up we have two bootleg mashups!  One by Kastra with a trifecta of sounds and Fabien Jora with a classic duo.

Enjoy! Make sure to comment if you like what you see and hear!

Back from the dead

What’s up everyone, I’ve gotten so much good music lately and I realized that I missed sharing it with you all. What’s going to follow is a couple posts that highlight some of my favorite tracks that I’ve gotten over the past six months or so. Since this is a long time frame there will of course be some “older” songs on there, so bear with me.

In addition I’ll try to link to a soundcloud page with a free download but that’s not always possible, although I’m sure you all will find a way to get the songs. They’re good enough that they’re worth the effort/money.

So, without further ado, let me start off with new and slightly less-new tunes by one of the hottest producers (and one of my personal favorites) in dubstep right now, Knife Party. First up I of course have to mention and share the Rage Valley EP because it’s four of the filthiest dubstep songs I know. My favorite by far has to be “Bonfire”… KP must have used some time-bending black magic in making that track because it always seems to come on at rage o’clock…

Two other great songs are “Rage Valley” and “Centipede” both absolutely filthy. For the sake of saving some space I won’t post them here but please, just get them.

Next up is Knife Party’s live set from Ultra. I really can’t explain how good this set is. Just one solid hour of flawlessly mixed dubstep and moombahton. I mean there isn’t a slow moment in this whole set. I can’t recommend this enough.

And finally, here’s a direct link to that absolutely filthy Internet Friends VIP mix that they drop in the middle of their live set. I can’t imagine actually being at Ultra and hearing them drop that. I’d lose it. The next best thing is having a well-edited “studio” version for you to listen to anytime you want and, of course, drop at your next party (or next 100 parties…):

The soundcloud file has that awkward break at the transition to the internet friends original but it’s fixed in the downloadable file which can be found in the description. So enjoy. Until next time, friends, keep calm and rage on!