I this edition of TGFTW we have a lot of previews, and with the absence of a Tuesday preview post we are getting 5 great tracks in this a couple remixes, original tracks, and previews.  Hope you enjoy!  And make sure to check back next week for more posts.

The first one up is a nice light feel for the summer.  Great work with the vocals in this remix.

Next up is a solid mashup with some classics by now.  I know it is short but enjoy Out of My Atom!!! Love the drop from this track, Epic!

Next us is a Wallpaper. Remix enjoy!

And here are the previews for the week



Fabien Jora Bootlegs

First up is a new bootleg called Hey Pictures, has solid feel to it.  The soundcloud is a sample/preview and has the facebook download and the youtube video is the full version.

Next up are two bootlegs that I have not posted yet and hope you enjoy, loving this guy’s work.

This one is probably my favorite right now, tell me what you think…