Weekend time! Collection to have a good weekend.  Enjoy! I know I need a couple days off right now


moog bass + modular + clarity

For this weeks Tuesday Preview post we have some ambient sounds by Deadmau5 (Joel) and a hype remix by Alex K.  Enjoy!

Make sure to check out his other work of edits and bootlegs

Dzeko & Torres RAVE’N Edits

Free download for all of Dzeko & Torres Rave’n Edits, make sure to get them, I enjoyed listening to the sample track all the way through.  Hope you enjoy!!

If I Loose Myself In A Hurricane

Starting something new, If I find myself blogging late at night I am going to close the final post with “The Late Night Post” if it has multiple songs.  The best way to combine the two songs that I am posting here is If I loose myself in a hurricane.  Duo posing Markus Cole and Dzeko and Torres.

This has a classic Progressive House feel, but a great mashup regardless, integrating the vocals well.  Make sure to grab a copy as there is a free download link available.

This is an amazing track, this is a great way to lead into the summer/spring with some warm weather.  Just nice and upbeat, nothing crazy but the rift is awesome!!!  Best part of this song, hope you enjoy it as much as I do!