Back To The Acid

Heard this xm radio today and loved it, know it is older (4 months) but awesome stuff!




In this weeks TFGTW we have a wide variety of genres represented ranging from chill to something that is dubstep and progressive house.

First up is something cool and chill by RAC.

Next up is some new original work by Cedric Gervais and Howard Jones in some vocal progressive house.

And here comes the hard stuff.  First up is Chimertic in Singularity Feel.

And to finish off the post here is something razor sharp that is epic!@!!

Enjoy the weekend and some nice weather!  Cheers!

Comment if you like what you see and hear, thanks for checking in!

Tuesday Previews 2

Glad I could find some previews for this week as last week was lacking them.

First up is the Hijack Da Bass Remix Preview of Getting Wet

Update! The full release is out 5/4/2013

Next up are two previews of remiex of George Acosta.  We have progressive house which is very Tiesto like!!  And the other is a Tech House remix.

That is it for this weeks previews enjoy and make sure to check back for more updates!

Update: Just got one more preview in before the end of the day, wanted to make sure it got in this preview post

New Black Tiger Sex Machine Original