TGFTW back

Some awesome tracks I found recently so cheers to a big post enjoy!


New Fabien Jora Mashups

Here is some new work by Fabien Jora.  Three great mashups hope you enjoy!  Make sure to grab some downloads over from his facebook page and support him.

Thanks for stopping by if you like what you see and hear follow in any way.


Tuesday’s Previews 3

First up is a great Zedd Remix coming out May 21st

Next up is a Bingo Players Original Mix out May 20th

Not sure when the next one is coming out but here is a preview of the Michael Brun remix of Dirty South

And to finish up the Tuesday’s Previews we have some new W&W out on May 20th, this seems to be a big day, Zedd, Bingo Players, and W&W are releasing work around these days.  Need to check up to see what else is going to be dropped then.



First up in this weeks TGFTW post is a preview to KitSch 2.0 remix of Heartbeat.  This is some solid big room material hope you enjoy!

Next up is a remix set of MPG vs. Akami Back Again.  This set contains everything from Electro to Progressive House to Dubstep.  My Favorite one so far is by Robert Morr and Alex Tojar.  Post your favorites in the comments.

Next up is a remix of Starlight, the Tut Tut Child remix.  This has some epic drops and long ones at that.  Great upbeat feeling and manages to mix in some darker dubby type drops.

To Finish off the post, here is some true party music, great dance track, but minimal when it comes to the vocals.

One last minute track of the week

Hope you enjoy all of the sounds for the weekend, the last track has a huge drop towards the end.  Make sure to check back next week for the weekend post, enjoy!


Tuesday Previews

First up is another calling remix, this one by Anndyk featuring Ryan Tedder.

Next up is American Hustle remixed by DJ Supa Skip

One last one, just came in as I was finishing up this post