Weekend time! Collection to have a good weekend.  Enjoy! I know I need a couple days off right now



New tracks for the weekend

Hope you enjoy!!


I know it has been awhile but here is some stuff I found recently.  Getting back in the game and back on the blog.  Check back for more coming soon.


The Offbeat Special!

Thanks for the comment back guy!!!  Here some featured work by the Offbeat agents!!  Recently featured on Tiesto’s Club Life Radio.  This duo out of Tel Aviv is making some sick mashups, remixes, and originals!!

First up in the special is the feature from Tiesto’s Club Life Radio Pod Cast!

Make sure to support these guys via the beatport download for their work!  Next up is a mashup of Samson and Daddy’s Groove.

And to finish  up is their latest work, which is an original track

Hope you enjoy the special, and these guys!!  Make sure to check out their soundcloud page and all other applicable social media sites!

Twitter: OffbeatAgent

If you want your work featured on the site make sure to comment in the section bellow and such!



In this weeks TFGTW we have a wide variety of genres represented ranging from chill to something that is dubstep and progressive house.

First up is something cool and chill by RAC.

Next up is some new original work by Cedric Gervais and Howard Jones in some vocal progressive house.

And here comes the hard stuff.  First up is Chimertic in Singularity Feel.

And to finish off the post here is something razor sharp that is epic!@!!

Enjoy the weekend and some nice weather!  Cheers!

Comment if you like what you see and hear, thanks for checking in!


First up in this weeks TGFTW post is a preview to KitSch 2.0 remix of Heartbeat.  This is some solid big room material hope you enjoy!

Next up is a remix set of MPG vs. Akami Back Again.  This set contains everything from Electro to Progressive House to Dubstep.  My Favorite one so far is by Robert Morr and Alex Tojar.  Post your favorites in the comments.

Next up is a remix of Starlight, the Tut Tut Child remix.  This has some epic drops and long ones at that.  Great upbeat feeling and manages to mix in some darker dubby type drops.

To Finish off the post, here is some true party music, great dance track, but minimal when it comes to the vocals.

One last minute track of the week

Hope you enjoy all of the sounds for the weekend, the last track has a huge drop towards the end.  Make sure to check back next week for the weekend post, enjoy!