Weekend time! Collection to have a good weekend.  Enjoy! I know I need a couple days off right now



Music for the weekend, simple as that, hope you enjoy!

First up is a solid mashup with some serious swings in mood

Next up is remix teaser of yet the same Krewella track, this thing is all over the place

Next up is some new Anndyk

As well as some new PRFFTT and Svyable

and to finish it off Collin McLoughlin



Found some great tracks for the second part of the weekend, and nothing like having fun on Sunday!

First up is almost a classic by now, Calling by Alesso, but this is remixed by Anndyk

Next up is a Tommy Trash mashup with A-Track with some Tuna Truffle

To finish up the post here is some progressive house premiered on Thissongisck

Dzeko & Torres RAVE’N Edits

Free download for all of Dzeko & Torres Rave’n Edits, make sure to get them, I enjoyed listening to the sample track all the way through.  Hope you enjoy!!

Fresh new look

Started the process of moving the blog over to wordpress, as I have been using the iframe html version of soundcloud I a having to go back and get the wordpress api and pasting the songs into each of all of my previous posts.  So I have done through February tonight and will continue to work on the other posts bit by bit as that is a little tedious.  But this is the new home of the blog and new look, going to be working on some new projects and going to be attempting to cover some concerts and such with a friend of mine, but more on that later.

But what would an update post be without some new music, so fresh out of the cloud and into the new post feed here is one edit and a bootleg that I found tonight.

Another thing that I notices is that the import used all of my previous tags as categories so, we will start again, everything is fresh!